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Template:SwitchtabsPeppers are a type of fruit.


Yoshi's Story[edit]

Peppers appear in Yoshi's Story. Yoshis dislike them. If they eat one, they will lose a petal on their Smile Meter. Black Yoshi and White Yoshi are the only Yoshis that can eat them. If Black Yoshi or White Yoshi eat a pepper, they will gain a petal on their Smile Meter, in this case restoring their health by one unit, as if it were an ordinary fruit.

In case any colored Yoshi in frown state on his Smile Meter, if a frowning Yoshi eats a pepper, he will lose a point on his score, but he will not lose his life and will continue in the game till Yoshi is attacked by an enemy, crushed by compressors, bruised by moving gears or having fallen into the well/lava, since pepper, in reality, is a personal dislike of the Yoshis of color. Peppers and Black Shy Guys neutralize Super Happy Yoshi state. But if a black or white Yoshi eats a pepper/Black Shy Guy it won't neutralize Super Happy Yoshi state.

Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

In Super Mario Sunshine, Peppers are uncommon fruit. If Yoshi eats one, he will turn purple.

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