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Rhinonos are cardboard animals that appear in Yoshi's Crafted World They appear in the first level of rumble jungle, exploring the animal kingdom.



There are two types of Rhinono's, baby and adult. Adults are blue cardboard rhinos with tin foil horns and triangle paper eyes, babies are pink cardboard rhino's with a single horn and small circular eyes.


Adult rhinono's will charge at yoshi and will hurt him on contact, due to to their bulky cardboard bodies they cannot be hurt or killed by any means but they care deeply for their children as shown near the end of the level. Babies are harmless as only one appears near the end of the level and works its parent to destroy a giant balloon blocking yoshi's path.


  • Adult Rhinono's will help Yoshi after being reunited with their children.
  • Babies tend to get lost which might be the reason why the adult's are so aggressive towards Yoshi.
  • Yoshi can use adult's to reach higher places by bouncing off their backs.