Rollin' Down the River

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Rollin' Down the River is the third level of World 4 in the game Yoshi's Woolly World it takes at a river within an autumnal forest that has plenty of Lunge Fish.


The level starts on a platform that has a Lunge Fish underneath it. After this are log platforms containing Woozy Guys, a paddle wheel and more Lunge Fish which leads to the first checkpoint after this is a Whirly Gate which transforms Yoshi into Mermaid Yoshi.

The Mermaid Yoshi segment consist of an underwater segment filled with Cheep Cheeps after this it leads to the second checkpoint shortly after this is raft which can cross a river while avoiding Cheep Cheeps, Grinders and Piranha Plants.

Before the first waterfall there are numerous Lunge Fish and Woozy Guys while crossing the first waterfall many Grinders appear as well not long the raft goes down a second waterfall which causes the raft to break until their is one part left leaving little space upon crossing the final waterfall the goal ring awaits.


Cheep Cheep


Lunge Fish

Piranha Plant

Woozy Guy