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Seesaw Scramble

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Seesaw Scramble is the third level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island as the name implies the main gimmick of the level are seesaw platforms.


Right at the start are a few teetering platforms and an active volcano in the background directly after is the first seesaw platform after crossing a few more teetering platforms and seesaw platforms is a red post that must be ground pounded to raise the other red post high enough to reach the ledge wear the transformation door is found.

The Jackhammer Yoshi section is a cave that Yoshi must descend by destroying orange or blue blocks. The next section contains the checkpoint ring along with the active volcano in the background that erupts Flaming Chomps after crossing the last two seesaw platforms is a walkway leading to the goal ring.

Smiley Flower Locations

Smiley Flower 1: Continue past the three teetering platforms to find a green post swallow the red Koopa Troopa then ground pound the green post on the left to raise the green post on right creating a wall spit out the Koopa Troopa so bounces off the post breaks the soft rock to collect the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 2: Above the second seesaw platform on the left side is a winged cloud throw an egg at the winged cloud to reveal the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 3: Before the tall red post next to the ledge with the Jackhammer Yoshi transformation door go behind the post to find a door once inside use the two teetering platforms to reach the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 4: Surrounded by some orange and blue blocks right before the end of the Jackhammer Yoshi section.

Smiley Flower 5: Right before the end of the level is invisible winged cloud over a pit in the area with the last three seesaw platforms requires two eggs to obtain it.


Baron von Zeppelin

Flaming Chomp

Koopa Troopa


Shy Guy