Shy But Deadly

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Shy But Deadly is the sixth level of World 1 in Yoshi's Woolly World the level introduces logs and most of the enemies are Shy Guys.


The level starts with a hill and large bushes in the background. There is a Bomb Guy above some logs, and later on a small fort-like structure made of logs. There are small picket fences and bushes, and Shy Guys sitting next to a jar of beads. A large structure holds beads and a Hook Guy. A log platform has a present box on top, and another Bomb Guy. Then there are two Shy Guy Towers next to a gigantic tree-like structure. Inside is a present box on a pile of logs, and some more Shy Guy Towers with some beads. There is a log bridge above a Shy Guy Tower, and a Bomb Guy soon afterwards on top of a Shy Guy Tower. After defeating this Shy Guy Tower, there is an exit from the tree area and into a transformation gate which transforms Yoshi into Mega Yoshi. The Mega Yoshi section is a mountain-like straight path with many types of enemies and log structures. After exiting the transformation, the level continues into a checkpoint and another log tree. This tree contains lots of platforms and Woozy Guys. There is then a section with Bomb Guys throwing bombs while the player must jump over small gaps. This is followed by a pipe dispensing Bomb Guys and Shy Guys, and another pipe with a winged cloud. The winged cloud holds a staircase that leads to an outside portion made primarily out of logs. After the log section the stage ends.