Sluggy the Unshaven

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Sluggy the Unshaven
Sluggy the Unshaven Artwork - Super Mario World 2.png
Species Slime
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop

Sluggy the Unshaven is the first boss in the snow level of World 5 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Despite Kamek saying that "this slug has no weak spots", soon after, Sluggy the Unshaven is enlarged and it becomes apparent that he does have a weak spot, which is his heart. He takes up the entire passage as so that Yoshi can't pass. Though Sluggy can't hurt Yoshi directly, he pushes him along the passage to an edge. The aim of the boss battle is to defeat Sluggy as quick as possible or get pushed over the edge. After he is hit in the heart several times, his heart shrinks until disappearing from existence, and he dies.


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