Snag-Stitch Mountain

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Snag-Stitch Mountain is the second level of World 6 in Yoshi's Woolly World it is a mountainous area inhabited by numerous Snag-Stitches.


Not long at the beginning is a lone Snag-Stitch moving up and down throwing a yarn ball at it will cause them to become temporary harmless platforms after this is a small chasm throwing a yarn ball at the second winged cloud will make a second platform appear. After this is an area with two Snag-Stitches Yoshi must throw a yarn ball at the Snag-Stitch when it is on the left side then throw another yarn ball at the second Snag-Stitch making sure it is high enough to reach the platform which is followed by more three more Snag-Stitches once again Yoshi must throw three yarn balls at the Snag-Stitches to reach the top which transitions into the second section.

In the second section is a Bullet Bill infested chasm that contains the first checkpoint with more platforms just like at the beginning throwing a yarn ball at the winged cloud will make another platform appear another winged cloud is found that when hit will make a platform appear although this one can be bypassed by taking the upper platform after this are more Snag-Stitches which once again need to be used to reach the next section.

Final section contains the final vertical segment with more Snag-Stitches and Bullet Bills once Yoshi makes to the top with four Bill Blasters and the final wonder wool patch the goal ring awaits.


Baron von Zeppelin (Umbrella Yoshi section)

Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill Patch

Hook Guy (Umbrella Yoshi section)


Shy Guy

Woozy Guy