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Snake Artwork - Yoshi's Story.png
Species Snake
Affiliation(s) Yoshis

Snake is an ally appearing in the Yoshi games.


Yoshi's Story[edit]

Snake first appears in Yoshi's Story.

In this game, they are only found in the level Cloud Climb. In this game, they act as moving platforms and levitate in midair, helping the Yoshis reach higher and hard-to-reach areas in the game. Snakes come in a pink and green variety and both play carnival music when jumped on. All these snakes have stripes and big noses.

Green Snakes go in the opposing direction that the Yoshi is facing, making a risk of slipping off if looking upwards. Once jumped on, they don't stop moving.

Pink Snakes, however, act differently. They change direction when jumped on a second time. These snakes are also known to be slippery, meaning that Yoshi has to face in the direction that the Pink Snake is facing or else he falls off.

A Green Snake.

Some say that Snake is actually referential to Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series, but critics say that Solid Snake would never affiliate with Yoshis.