Snowy Mountain Lift Tour

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Snowy Mountain Lift Tour is the seventh level of World 5 in Yoshi's Woolly World it is a snowy mountainous region the main gimmick of the level are line-controlled lift platforms.


At the beginning of the level there is a yellow lift-controlled that is too high to reach Yoshi must use a yarn ball to hit a yellow switch lowering the platform enabling him to reach it shortly after is the second lift-controlled platform followed by a third one directly after is another lift which must be jumped on in order to cross a large bottomless chasm.

The second section has the first checkpoint ice platforms, blue yarn blocks which must be eaten to progress some of which will release Bullet Bill Patches after jumping up some platforms are more platforms that must be filled to cross a pit of spikes.

The last section contains the second checkpoint followed by more lift platforms this time with more ice blocks which must be melted using the fire watermelon until reaching an orange lift platform that goes upwards while avoiding Bullet Bills afterwards are the last few ice blocks one of which contains a Smiley Flower and more Bumpties until reaching a walkway where the goal ring resides.