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Spear Guys are tribal Shy Guys that attack with spears.
Jade Guy Beta.png


Super Mario World 2[edit]

They appear as common enemies in jungle levels in Super Mario World 2.

Yoshi's Island DS[edit]

They attack just like before, but they only appear in the level Shy Guys' Village.

Mario series[edit]

Spear Guys also appeared as enemies in the N64 game Paper Mario.

100px-SMW2 Yoshis Island Spear Guy.png

In Mario Power Tennis Wii, Shy Guy's special attack is turning into a Spear Guy and either stretching their racket (long range), or turning into a Spear Guy and his racket gets hit by lightning, then he hits the ball, turning it into a lightning ball. Same with Mario Slam Basketball/3 On 3.