Spiky Stroll

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Spiky Stroll is the fifth level of World 2 in Yoshi's Woolly World. The level introduces Poochy.


The level starts out with a few Stilt Guys. It then features a sea of spikes with Gusties, and more Stilt Guys. A second sea of spikes ( although it is much smaller ), then a transition to the next area. The first checkpoint appears, along with Poochy. After a while, Yoshi comes across some blocks which must be ground pounded in order for Poochy to continue. The block trail continues until two opposite alcoves, which must be ground pounded. A longer sea of spikes follows, with more Gusties. Reaching the end of the area forces Poochy to leave Yoshi, who enters the next area. The second checkpoint follows, and more Stilt Guys appear, as well as a fourth sea of spikes. There is also a fifth sea of spikes, followed by a sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth, where a Lakitu appears. Yoshi must then traverse one last sea of spikes where Poochy is re-encountered. This leads to the goal ring.