Spiny Fish

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Spiny Fish is an enemy in the Yoshi (series) debuting in Yoshi's Story it is a fish covered in spikes found in certain water themed levels.


Game Appearances

Yoshi's Story

Spiny Fish first appears in Yoshi's Story it is depicted as a magenta fish with yellow spikes and tail a lack of pectoral fins, red lips and green irises they are only encountered in the level Lots O' Jellyfish! it swims back and forth not paying any mind to Yoshi however if Yoshi touches the Spiny Fish he will take damage it cannot be defeated by any means.

Yoshi Touch & Go

Spiny Fish reappears in Yoshi Touch & Go they have been redesigned as a blue fish with white spikes unlike in Yoshi's Story it attacks by leaping out of the water they can be defeated by throwing an egg at it.