Sponge Cave Spelunking

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Sponge Cave Spelunking is the third level of World 1 in Yoshi's Woolly World it takes place in a cave with many sponge blocks and chomp rocks.


The level starts out with the player next to a Chomp Rock, if pushed to the left, they can get some beads and a piece of Wonder Wool, and pushing it to the right will allow the player to destroy some sponge blocks, and allow them to get to a warp pipe that leads to the next area. In the next area, the player will have to ground pound to get to the bottom of the area, and another warp pipe. The next room has some more sponge blocks and some Nipper Plants. After this section is a small area with green and red mushroom platforms, on the second red mushroom platform is a hidden winged cloud, which will create several more mushroom platforms when it is hit with a yarn ball. Using these platforms, the player can get to a warp pipe that needs filling in, which will lead to some beads and another piece of Wonder Wool. After this is a small downhill section, before it levels out. If the player ground pounds some sponge blocks just after the purple mushroom, they will go to a secret area with a winged cloud, which creates beads and another Wonder Wool. After this is a checkpoint, and a warp pipe.

The next area starts with a section where the chomp rock is needed to defeat enemies and get through the sponge blocks. At the end of this section, the chomp rock falls into a small crevice and the player can activate the winged cloud by it, which will create some mushroom platforms that lead to a present box. The player will then need to climb up the cave, before using a spring ball to leave it. After this is a small grassy section before the goal ring.