Super Happy Yoshi

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Green Yoshi in Super Happy mode.
Super Happy Yoshi is a power-up that a Baby Yoshi can get in the Nintendo 64 game Yoshi's Story. It is gained when the Baby Yoshi eats a Heart Fruit.

While Super Happy, Yoshi is/can:

  • Invincible
  • Deals more damage
  • Has a higher Flutter Jump
  • Has an unlimited supply of eggs
  • Eat things from a farther distance away
  • Pop all bubbles on the screen by Ground Pounding
  • Peppers will be turned into Heart Coins by Ground Pounding
  • Shy Guys will be turned into the Lucky Fruit by Ground Pounding
  • Allow the Black and White Yoshis to Flutter Jump further distances faster
  • Black and White Yoshis can eat peppers/black Shy Guys and it won't nullify Super Happy Yoshi.
  • What Super Happy Yoshi is not protected from?
  • Pitfalls/Lava/Pistons Pirahna Pests Blurps.
  • Peppers/Black Shy Guys/Blue Tehee butterflies void Super Happy Yoshi if any Yoshi beside Black or White eat them.
  • Moving to a new area also ends the effect.

Sometimes when Yoshi is Super Happy, Heart Coins will appear, and the Smile Meter has an extremely happy expression on his face. When Super Happy, a rock version of the current music will play.