Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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 <title source="title1">
   <default>Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island</default>
 <image source="image1">
</image> <label>title</label> <label>developer</label> <label>publisher</label> <label>designer</label> <label>released</label> <label>genre</label> <label>modes</label> <label>platform</label> <label>media</label> <label>Nintendo 3DS Version</label> <label>Wii U Version</label> </infobox> Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a platforming video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a sequel to Super Mario World which was Yoshi's first appearance. Instead of playing as Mario, the player takes control of various Yoshis while Mario appears as a helpless infant. In 2002, a remake released for the Game Boy Advance known as Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.


The game begins with Stork delivering the twin babies Mario and Luigi. Suddenly out of nowhere, the Magikoopa Kamek attacks, kidnapping Luigi while Stork and Mario fall undetected towards the open sea.

Down on Yoshi's Island, Yoshi is taking a walk when baby Mario lands on his back. The map that the stork was using landed near Yoshi as well. Yoshi then goes back to tell the other Yoshis what happened. They discover there is a psychic connection between the Baby Mario and Luigi and decide to reunite the baby brothers using a relay system. Meanwhile, Kamek is outraged when he discovers he only got one baby and dissipates his Toads to catch the other baby.

The Yoshis take Baby Mario across Yoshi's island through several different stages such as grass, forest, tropical, hill and snow, fighting two bosses in each. After they defeat

Raphael the Raven on the moon, the way to the last level, lava and caves, is opened. The Yoshis go through and defeat another boss before arriving at Bowser's Castle.

Yoshi then must go through one of four doors, each one leading to a different path. Kamek constantly attacks Yoshi and casts spells to stop him. At last, they arrive in Bowser's bedroom. Kamek tells Yoshi to hand over the baby when suddenly Baby Bowser wakes up. Baby Bowser stomps on Kamek before noticing Yoshi. He then wants to ride Yoshi and attempts to do so, however, Yoshi defeats him. Kamek is horrified and casts a spell on Bowser, causing him to grow. He grows so big that the castle is destroyed. Yoshi must then fight Bowser. After a long fight, Yoshi finally defeats Bowser, and he is restored to a baby again and knocked out. Kamek is horrified and calls Yoshi a meanie before telling him that they will be back. Kamek then flies away into the night with Bowser.

Yoshi then runs through the ruined castle and finds the stork tied up and Baby Luigi. He frees the stork. The stork then flies away into the with the twin babies again. It finally arrives at the village and delivering the Mario brothers to their parents. It seems that the parents are not the real parents after being revealed at the start of Yoshi's New Island.



The main characters of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The Yoshis all take turns with the use of Baby Mario.



The enemies that appear in the game:


There are twelve bosses in the game. Many of them are unique and original. They are all made bigger by Kamek (with the exception of Prince Froggy as Yoshi and Baby Mario become smaller).

World 1[edit]

World 2[edit]

World 3[edit]

World 4[edit]

World 5[edit]

World 6[edit]


Besides the Welcome to Yoshi's Island! tutorial stage, the Yoshis and Baby Mario travel through all these areas to rescue Baby Luigi.

World 1[edit]

It takes place in a grassy plains area and has innocent-looking characters around the area. The levels of the world include:

World 2[edit]

Takes place in the mountains. The levels of this world include:

World 3[edit]

Takes place in a jungle with some lakes. The levels of the world include:

World 4[edit]

Takes place in a sunny and spacious area. The level's areas include:

World 5[edit]

Takes place in an icy mountain. The levels include:

World 6[edit]

It takes place out of Yoshi's Island and takes place in Bowser's Castle with fiery pits and lava everywhere. The levels include:


Luckily, during the quest of the Yoshis and Baby Mario, there are powerups that can be found around the island. They are:




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  • This game is the first Mario game to be found in French and German localisations.
  • This game is one of the few Mario games to not have been released on the Wii's Virtual Console.
  • In the original game, all Yoshi's shoes are colored red, when in the GBA remake, they are different colors.
  • Three-Dimensional sprites exist in the game. They are in the intro and when Toadies carry Baby Mario away.

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