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A Snappy Super Piranha Plant!

Super Piranha Plants (also called Mega Piranha Plants, Big Piranha Plants, or Giant Piranha Plants) are a large variety of Piranha Plant found in several games. They attack by chomping and snapping at any foes, they behave similarly to normal-sized Piranha Plants but their larger size makes avoiding them more challenging. They are among the largest species of Piranha Plants strongly rivaling the Piranhacus Giganticus.


In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Naval Piranha, a ordinary Piranha Plant was transformed into a Super Piranha Plant by Kamek's magic. In battle, she is assisted by her Naval Buds. To defeat her, Yoshi will need to toss an Egg at the wall and let it skip across the water and hit the colossal Piranha Plant's weak point three times. This can be skipped if Yoshi gets a quick hit on the sleeping Naval from offscreen.

Super Piranha Plants as a species are seen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are commonly found in caverns and sewers. They attack by viciously snapping at Mario and Yoshi. They can be defeated by tossing 3 fireballs at them running into them with a Starman, or by tossing a single shell at them. Iceballs can temporarily freeze them but due to their large size, they break free within an instant.

Super Piranha Plants reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U. In this game, they commonly appear in grassy plains as well as the skies. Once again, fireballs and shells can defeat them. Due to their large size, Baby Yoshis cannot eat a Super Piranha Plant, instead, Mario will drop one upon contact. Bubble Baby Yoshi can still defeat a Super Piranha Plant with his Bubble Powers. In this game, Super Piranha Plants are larger than Piranhacus Giganticus and unlike them, cannot fit in Pipes due to their overly large size.