The Cave Of Chomp Rock

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The Cave Of Chomp Rock is the third level of World 1 in the games Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. The level revolves around Chomp Rocks and the appearance of Nipper Plants.


Yoshi starts off in a field with a huge pipe in the middle, which leads into a rocky cave. After getting into it, Yoshi encounters his first Chomp Rock in the game and level, which doesn't really serve any purpose. The Chomp Rock collides against a small pole of sorts (each time the player finds one of these poles, he or she must ground pound it, as there might be something hidden in it, namely, red coins) and Yoshi must follow it. After hitting the Hint Block and learning about Ground Pounds, Yoshi may destroy a small box to the right with his newly learned ability to collect five stars. After this optional try-out, Yoshi must continue forward and encounter his first Nipper Plants, which act like faster Shy Guys. There are also some coins scattered around, which Yoshi must collect. After this, Yoshi encounters the second Help Block in the level. Now Yoshi needs to proceed forward, but make yet another stop in a spot in which there are several mushrooms. If Yoshi keeps going down and down, he finally bumps into a Special Flower, as well as two red coins and two Lantern Ghosts. The level continues its maze-like structure until the end, with Nipper Plants. Something interesting found in this level is a key, which opens an easy-to-find door. The key is held by a Fly Guy in an area with two red mushrooms and a blue one, in which Nipper Plants fall from above as spores and in which there is a single Lantern Ghost. Upon opening the door, Yoshi can play a minigame for a 1-UP. Once Yoshi is outside, he finds himself in the field once again. There are two Piranha Plants and a Fly Guy holding a 1-UP in this area. After that, Yoshi finds the level's finish.