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Toadies have appeared in near every Yoshi game to date. They're Kamek's henchmen and steal Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. They steal Baby Mario once Yoshi fails to retrieve Baby Mario after the time runs out and cannot be defeated.

In Yoshi's Story, the Toadies will take the defeated Yoshi away to Baby Bowser's castle after a Yoshi gets hit without flower stems left. When that happens, the player will get a game over and will have to continue the current level with a different Yoshi. However, the player will not have an option to return to the same course or select another course in the same level and instead the player's continue data will be erased and they will have to return to the main menu if all Yoshis were taken to the castle by the Toadies. After Baby Bowser gets defeated, the Toadies will take the Yoshis out of his castle.

Toadies do not appear in Yoshi's Woolly World or Yoshi's Crafted World.


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