Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy

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Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy - Super Mario Advance 3.png

Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy is the seventh level found in the first world in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It comes after Shy Guys on Stilts and before Salvo the Slime's Castle.

In this area, a variety of objects and enemies are introduced and Red Yoshi is now a playable character. Fuzzies and Tap-Taps are the new enemies introduced in the area. If a Fuzzy is touched, Red Yoshi walks in a dizzy condition and the entire area moves in a funny sort of way. Melon Bugs and Mildes also appear as returning enemies in the area.


  • Melon Bugs
  • Piranha Plants
  • Tap-Taps
  • Shy Guys
  • Fuzzies
  • Fly Guy
  • Mildes
  • Mufti Guys
  • Crazee Dayzees
  • Eggo-Dil