Up Shuttlethread Pass

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Up Shuttlethread Pass is the sixth level of World 5 found in Yoshi's Woolly World. It is a snow labyrinth with numerous doors and snaking platforms.


The level starts in an area with a yellow and white snaking platform situated over a chasm Yoshi must then jump on a small piece of platform below then pass through a flipper leading to a door upon entering the door follow the path up then eat an edible wall then proceed to enter the door on the right taking Yoshi back to beginning afterwards enter the door in middle then defeat the Miss Cluck to gain access to a winged cloud which will reveal a spring ball.

Jump on the spring ball to reach a higher area then go right to find the first checkpoint then go left , enter the door to find the second snaking platform afterwards follow the third snaking platforms until reaching the next door after that hit a hidden winged cloud to reveal two sets of staircases directly after entering the door jump on one of the two spring balls to reach a higher area.

After this go left enter a door which is followed by a series of Miss Clucks and the second checkpoint the next area contains upward alternating snaking platforms after scaling the snaking platforms head left defeat the Snoot then enter the door, followed by another cross more snaking platforms using one of them to enter the door situated over spikes after going through a small vertical shaft is a gauntlet of snaking platforms is a large spring ball leading out of the labyrinth into an outdoor area where the goal ring resides.