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Urchins are spiky fish that appear in several games, they are commonly immune to all melee-based attacks and move around the waters. Urchins aren't particularly aggressive and don't try to attack you. They can usually be defeated with fireballs and a Starman, but iceballs won't cut it as they can break free due to their spikes. The ice however does make them drowsy and after an Urchin breaks free, it will fall asleep falling to the ocean floors. This can be used to block current jets from pipes.


Urchins make their debut in Super Mario World as fish that move up and down (or left and right), there is no way to defeat an Urchin without a Starman. They are commonly found in tunnels so there's not much leg room for the plumbers or Yoshi to get by.

Urchins make a grand return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As of this game, they are now purple (which has become their staple appearance since). Unlike earlier games, fireballs can now destroy an Urchin. Iceballs can temporarily freeze an Urchin but due to their spikes, they break free pretty quickly and then fall asleep and descend to the ocean floor. If a sleeping Urchin lands on a Jet Pipe, the currents will be blocked allowing Mario and Yoshi to explore beyond the pipe. A large type of Urchin called the Mega Urchin also appears in this game.

Urchins reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U with the exact same role as before, the Mega Urchin also reappears. Both types of Urchin are commonly found in Sparkling Waters, in this game, they also commonly ride the occasional Waterspouts found in this World.