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Hi, I am Ace Grit the Darkus Hero[edit]

My name is Lukas, and with the "K". I have the Panel de Pon and the Tetris Attack wikis, the two wikis, I am the founder of both, but I also have the Tetris Attack Fanon Wiki, I was making the scripts in these wikis, mainly about the characters as of Panel de Pon as of Tetris Attack, and the features from LoliRock to the Tetris Attack theme in the same Tetris Attack Fanon Wiki, getting the title Yoshi's Score Attack (with literally the same name Tetris Attack in Japan, but as "Tetorisu Atakku"), mainly comparing Iris with Yoshi and also Gramorr with Bowser for example, for the Demon King theme from Bowser's name, there is "Grand Demon King of Chaos" for the "Great Demon King Koopa" (Japanese theme for "King Bowser Koopa"), because Koopa is Bowser's Japanese name, for the Gramorr's title "Grand Wizard of Chaos", Thanatos is another Demon King for Panel de Pon series, "dai" means "great" and "grand" in Japanese, and "maou" means "Demon King" or "Sorcerer King" in Japanese, it can be "Great Sorcerer King Koopa" too, but in the name of Bowser, so "daimaou" means "Grand Demon King" in Japanese, and also "daimajutsushi" means "Grand Wizard" in Japanese. Beyond the "Grand Wizard", it can be "Great Magician" too, various translations from Japanese to English, including a comparison of LoliRock with Tetris Attack, Gramorr is actually in Japan the "Kaosu no Daimajutsushi" (literally "Grand Wizard of Chaos", in Japanese, but as his title), because Gramorr is also known as Grand WIzard of Chaos, but LoliRock is from France, even including the Paris, where has the Eiffel Tower there, a tower, the French toon, but about the Princesses, the own Iris, Talia and Auriana. As Bowser he would be actually "Kaosu no Daimaou" (literally "Grand Wizard of Chaos", in Japanese), the own "Grand Demon King of Chaos" (as the great title), there's it there too, Talia as Poochy, Auriana as Lakitu, Praxina as Naval Piranha and Mephisto as Kamek. You'll see everything here, in the wikis that I created.

I am Ace Grit the Darkus Hero, there's my own talk here.