Vamoose the Lava Sluice !

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Vamoose the Lava Sluice ! is the third level of World 6 in Yoshi's Woolly World the level takes in an underground volcano.


The beginning takes place outside with a single green warp pipe, a yarn ball block over a platform that goes in the background or foreground after a couple of seconds entering the warp pipe will lead to the inside of the volcano with two warp pipes on the left and right side as well as both checkpoints hitting a winged cloud will cause a spring ball appear.

Entering the warp pipe on the right will lead to area with a few Lava Drops going through the wall near the warp pipe leads to the lower half with teetering platforms over lava while dodging waves of fire which then goes back to the upper half of the area with a warp pipe leading back to main area of the level hitting the winged cloud will a make walkway appear over the door.

Entering the door on the left of the main area leads to a small vertical room with rising lava followed by the door at the very top the next area contains falling platforms which once again goes back to a green warp leading back to the main area after hitting the winged cloud a second walkway appears allowing access to the door.

After entering the door is section with falling platforms this time in conjunction with rising lava upon entering the green warp pipe out of the volcano the lava reaches the top continue going straight where the goal ring is found.


Baron von Zeppelin

Lava Drop

Shy Guy