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A Standard Wiggler
A Wiggler With Hands

Wigglers are Caterpillar creatures found in various Mario and Yoshi games. First appearing in Super Mario World, they have appeared as either enemies, allies, or background NPC's in several games. Some Wiggler have walk on all their legs while others have hands allowing them to participate in kart racing, tennis or other fun events. Wigglers are usually quiet, but get mad when stomped on. The evolved state of a Wiggler is a Flutter.


Wigglers first appear in Super Mario World where they appear in various forests such as the Forest of Illusion. Wigglers can only be defeated with a Star or by having Yoshi eat it, the latter method was dropped in future games.

Though Wigglers don't appear in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the Flutter appears.

Wigglers are later seen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They commonly appear in World 5. A larger sub-species of the Wiggler called the Mega Wiggler also appears. Unlike the standard Wiggler, the Mega Wiggler doesn't get enraged upon being stepped on.

Wigglers return in Super Mario Galaxy 2 commonly seen in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy and the Throwback Galaxy. The Mega Wiggler is also seen in the Supermassive Galaxy.

Wigglers return in New Super Mario Bros. U, in this game, they are commonly seen in Soda Jungle alongside the Mega Wiggler.