Wonderful World of Wool

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Wonderful World of Wool is the secret hidden level of Craft Island in Yoshi's Woolly World it can only be unlocked by collecting all Smiley Flowers and Wonder Wool patches in all six worlds.


The first section is based on Knitty-Knotty Windmill Hill with windmill platforms to cross a large bottomless chasm in order to reach a small grassy walkway which leads to the next section.

The second section is based on Across the Fluttering Dunes with fast moving sand waves while dodging fireballs being spat out by Hot Dogs which will continue into the next section.

The third section is based on Fanciful Fluff and Feathers which consists of upward vertical section with rainbow platforms and bubbles seen in Big Montgomery's Bubble Fort which lead into the next section.

The fourth section is based on Rollin' Down the River after dropping down on the raft while it moving along the river while dodging some Lunge Fish towards the end are some blue ropes that must be climbed to reach the next section.

The fifth section is based on Big Montgomery's Ice Fort with a rotating block of ice in an autoscrolling segment with spikes on both sides of the wall lead to the next part.

The sixth section is based on King Bowser's Castle (Yoshi's Woolly World) with the reappearance of Poochy and Kamek whose magic can turn blocks into enemies Yoshi must ride on top of Poochy to cross the lava.

The seventh section has a cannon that will Yoshi into the sky and over the moon before dropping into the final section.

The final section will drop Yoshi into a grassy field with Poochy appearing for the final time in the level hitting the winged cloud will make beads appear that spell out the word YOSHI after this is the goal ring.


Baron von Zeppelin




Hook Guy

Hot Dog

Lunge Fish

Piranha Plant

Pokey Pom

Shy Guy

Stalking Piranha Plant

Wild Ptooie Piranha