Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!

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Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape! is the first level of World 1 of Yoshi's Woolly World and its Nintendo 3DS counterpart Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. It takes place in the plains where the flowers are displayed. Your chosen Yoshi will easily collect all the colored sequins, stamp patches, Smiley Flowers and wonder wool bunches which altogether make a Flower Yoshi.


The first part of the level is a straight walk with bridges and crystals with a single Shy Guy. It also features crystals along with the first beads. After the beads and the first Smiley Flower, there is a Message Block that tells Yoshi how to defeat enemies. Further on, there is a platform with a present box and the first instance of a bow. The bow is followed by warp pipes with a Piranha Plant. It is possible to go down the first Warp Pipe. After the Warp Pipes, there is another Message Block with instructions on how to Flutter Jump and a Shy Guy. Shortly after, there is a third Message Block with instructions on how to throw yarn balls. There is also a winged cloud for practice. There is then a cave with frame platforms and a flipper. After the checkpoint there is another Egg Block with a Warp Pipe that can be entered. The level then leads onto a gorge with many large flowers and clouds. After the gorge, there is a platform with crystals and the Goal Ring.