Yoshi, the Terror of All Boos

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Yoshi, the Terror of All Boos is the fifth level of World 6 in Yoshi's Woolly World, it is a haunted house styled labyrinth filled the enemies Big Frame Boo and Frame Boo.


Beginning of the level takes place inside the haunted house with two Frame Boos and a door entering it will lead to an enclosed room with six Boo Guys all of which must be defeated to make a door appear. Entering it leads back to the previous room to actually proceed Yoshi must throw a yarn ball at the wall to make it rebound and hit the Frame Boo when his back is turned this will make the Frame Boo become a temporary Boo Balloon before they break free.

Following the door is a room with Boo-like platforms that disappear in the background when looked at the player must then throw a yarn ball at a wall to make it rebound and hit the Boo platforms to make them usable.

Directly after is the next room that contains the first checkpoint continue through until reaching a hidden door at the end of the corridor behind the wall which leads to a lower part of the next room after entering another door activate the red switch to make wall temporary appear then hit Boo platform with yarn ball before the effects of the switch wear off then enter the door.

In the next room go down the stairs on the left to find another door which goes back to previous room this time with a Big Frame Boo which must be used to reach the locked door above.

The next room contains the second checkpoint and fifteen Boo platforms Yoshi must then throw three yarn balls on three Boo platforms to reach the door on the final platform.

Lastly Yoshi must lure one of the Big Frame Boos to the left side where the red switch is located then hit it with a yarn ball activate the switch to make another wall appear then once again hit the Big Frame Boo to reach the door leading outside after this activate the red switch to temporary platforms in order to cross a chasm where the goal ring is found.