Yoshi Branches Out

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Yoshi Branches Out is the seventh level found in World 4 in the game Yoshi's Woolly World the level takes place inside a tree.


the levels begins in an area with some vines some of which are covered in spikes and a rotating circular platform that moves in the direction the arrow is pointing at eating the brown edible wall will lead to the other side of the same room this time with mushroom platforms and the second rotating circular platform upon reaching the top is a door leading to the next area.

The second area is vertical room that has more circular platforms and Nipper Plants and a edible wall that must be eaten in order to enter the next area which houses the first checkpoint, some vines and leaves that act as springs that ends with a brown warp pipe that can be entered.

The third area is another vertical room which requires the aid of a rotating circular platform to reach the top shortly after this is the second circular platform which is used to reach a door that leads to the second checkpoint.

The last area requires Yoshi to traverse some chasms using the circular platfroms and vines with water flowing down them with the goal ring at the very end.


Fly Guy

Nipper Plant

Piranha Plant