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 <title source="title1">
   <default>Yoshi Touch & Go</default>
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</image> <label>title</label> <label>developer</label> <label>publisher</label> <label>designer</label> <label>released</label> <label>genre</label> <label>modes</label> <label>platform</label> <label>media</label> <label>Nintendo 3DS Version</label> <label>Wii U Version</label> </infobox> Yoshi Touch & Go is a Nintendo DS game released in 2005. It is similar to other Yoshi games as The Stork is attacked by Kamek at the beginning. However, instead of a straight story line there are several challenges to complete. At the end of most of the challenges the stork comes and saves Baby Mario.


  • In Score Attack mode, Yoshi carries Baby Mario to meet the stork at the end of the level. If the player scores 300 points in Score Attack mode, Baby Luigi is on the back of the stork, unlocking the Time Attack mode.
  • In Marathon mode, Yoshi carries Baby Mario as far as possible, and hands him over to one of the other Yoshis every 1000 yards (in North American versions of the game; other versions use meters). If Yoshi makes it at least 3000 yards without dying, the stork swoops in with Baby Luigi at the end, unlocking the Challenge mode.
  • In Time Attack mode, Yoshi and Baby Mario must try to shoot down the Toadies that are carrying Baby Luigi away. The clouds the player draws in this mode are yellow rather than white, causing Yoshi to run faster on these clouds than on the ground. Each Toady must be hit twice; once to detach it from Baby Luigi, and again to knock it out of the sky. If the player doesn't land the second hit fast enough, the Toady reattaches itself to Baby Luigi.
  • In Challenge mode, Yoshi and Baby Mario tries to get as far as they can before Kamek the Magikoopa catches them. A timer counts down the time before Kamek arrives. When enemies are destroyed in this mode, time is added on to the timer, delaying Kamek's arrival and allowing Yoshi to continue further (though the most seconds remaining on the timer only goes up to 99. Hitting enemies when the timer is below 99 continues to add time). Like Marathon mode, distance traveled is measured in yards for North America, and metres everywhere else.


  • This game was originally going to be for the Nintendo GameCube under title "Balloon Trip."