Yoshi and Cookies

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<header>Music</header> </group> </infobox>Yoshi and Cookies is the first level of World 3 in Yoshi's Woolly World the level references the game, Yoshi's Cookie.


Being cookie-themed, the level starts with a single Snoot, a single Shy Guy, and a few Monty Moles, with certain cookies behaving like Flip Panels and Yoshi Cookie walls falling down. As Yoshi advances further in the level, there are now cookies that must be hit with yarn balls to serve as temporary platforms for Yoshi to walk on. Following that is an area where Snoots shoot vertically. Afterwards, a Hook Guy appears, followed by some crumbling walls and the first checkpoint. After the checkpoint, there are more Flip Panel cookies, followed by more Shy Guys. Yoshi will then encounter a stack of three Snoots over a Monty Mole Patch. After some Hook Guys, the second checkpoint is reached. More crumbling Yoshi Cookie walls are encountered, as well as more Flip Panel cookies. At the final stretch, Yoshi must rush past and jump on each of the crumbling walls, with the last three forming a staircase to the goal ring.