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A Red Yoshi throwing an egg in Yoshi's Story.

The Egg is Yoshi's main weapon and is commonly found in the Yoshi series. Eggs are made by eating enemies. However, some enemies (such as Tap-Taps and Bumptys) cannot be turned into eggs. Yoshi can also grab eggs from egg blocks. The Egg Throw is a primary part of the Yoshi games and must be used to complete the games. Yoshi's eggs are spotted and the color depends on the color of the Yoshi.


Yoshi laying an egg.

Yoshi Eggs first appeared in Super Mario World. Yoshis hatched from these eggs, allowing Mario and Luigi to ride on them. In Super Mario World, there were special eggs that were red, yellow and blue. Each egg had a different talent, such as the red egg could breathe flames.

A giant egg appears in Mario Kart 64 moving by itself in a race track called Yoshi Valley and the place itself improved with more eggs in Mario Kart 8.

In both Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS, Yoshi can eat an enemy and produce an egg or nab some from an egg block. He can only carry six eggs. They could be used to defeat enemies. In Yoshi Touch and Go, a similar effect happens. When Yoshi eats fruit, he gets an egg.

In Super Smash Bros. series

Eggs are commonly Yoshi's primary weapon. They appear in all of his special attacks, but his down special.

Yoshi's Woolly World

In this game, only the egg that is made of yarn hides your chosen Yoshi that can transform into 6 ultimate uses. If the egg bounces around and opens, Yoshi can turn into a Mershi, an umbrella, a molish digger, an airplane or a motorcycle. If the egg wiggles, grows big and also opens, he will become big as a giant. If all the levels in 6 worlds are complete, the yarn in the middle of Craft Island will make a giant rainbow egg that takes you to a super special level.


Giant Eggs

Giant Eggs are similar to normal eggs but bigger. They can defeat all on-screen enemies merely from the shock-wave they give off when thrown (similar to hitting a POW Block), though Yoshi will get dizzy when he is holding one that he is ready to throw (much like if he had touched or swallowed a Fuzzy). When Yoshi has three or more Giant Eggs at his disposal, all of the Fat Guys will disappear; likewise for two Giant Eggs and the big Shy Guys during the Prince Froggy boss fight. However, they reappear once Yoshi has less Giant Eggs. Giant Eggs are usually colored green, but in the final battle of the game, Giant Eggs are red and carried by balloons on the stage; Yoshi must grab these and aim them at Big Baby Bowser's face. Big Baby Bowser will be defeated once successfully hit with a few Giant Eggs.

Mega Egg-dozer

Mega Egg-dozers are massive eggs found in Yoshi's New Island that Yoshis can obtain by swallowing a Mega Guy and can be used to break walls or obstacles. Mega Eggdozers will replace all the eggs which the Yoshi is carrying, and will also disable its Flutter Jump. When a Mega Eggdozer comes into contact with something unbreakable, it turns yellow and then goes the other way. If this happens one more time, it turns red and finally comes off screen after another hit. They are essential in some boss battles. There is also a smaller metal variant called Metal Eggdozer that can be obtained by swallowing a Metal Guy. These can only roll on the ground and can make Yoshi sink on water; it can also destroy Brick Walls.


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