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Yoshipedia is a wiki covering the Yoshi franchise and all related media. It started out as a mini-wiki on Mariopedia, where it was founded by Bawitdaba in September 2022.

Notable events[edit]

In November 2022, Bawitdaba suggested to Mariopedia's community that both Yoshipedia and Wariopedia be made into full wikis, and the community unanimously agreed. He had thought of this in response to Miraheze experiencing disk failure on db141, resulting in a fraction of the wikis to experience downtime for about a month and a half, including Mariopedia, so he wanted to make light out of a bad situation.

About ten days later, Wariopedia had also been split off into its own wiki. Both Yoshipedia and Wariopedia were affected by a subsequent db141 error some time in December 2022.

On December 31, 2022, both Yoshipedia and Wariopedia were recreated, just in time for 2023.

On February 12, 2023, a few users agreed to fork the Yoshi Wiki's content and merge it into Yoshipedia, but they have not abandoned the Fandom wiki.