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Yoshipedia:Blog archives/Booswithanger/Contest my fellow Wikiers.

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Hello yes, it is I, the old'Booswithanger  that you might know. I, myself, and only me, am hosting a contest here at the Yoshi Wiki!! The reason?? Well this wiki is VERY old I tell you and it has lost some members and turned into a complete WASTELAND. That is until I came upon and thought of a idea to help us regain our title as THE #1 SOURCE FOR YOSHI INFORMATION!!!

You may be asking to yourself, what is the contest??!??!?! Well your answer is right here! Our contestw will be a ART contest. Yippity YUP. The rules are is you have to create a scene of Yoshi Characters doing anything you want. The prizes?!? Well they are,

1# Place: Gets featured in Community Pages, along in the front page if that is okay with msd. Also gets a special box badge for user page whatever

2# place: Gets featured in the Community pages, also gets a special box badge for user page whatever.

3# place: gets featured in COMMUNITY pages as 3# place winner. you also win friends.