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Yoshipedia:Blog archives/Maddox121/Who Owns Which Yoshi?

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Red Yoshi = Luigi

Orange Yoshi = Bowser

Gold Yoshi = Wario

Yellow Yoshi = Yellow Toad

Lime Yoshi = Lime Toad

Green Yoshi = Mario

Cyan Yoshi = Rosalina

Blue Yoshi = Blue Toad

Navy Blue Yoshi = Larry Koopa

Purple Yoshi = Shy Guys

Magenta Yoshi = Peach

Pink Yoshi = Waluigi

White Yoshi = Goomba

Gray Yoshi = Koopa Troopa

Brown Yoshi = Daisy

Black Yoshi = Thwomp

Checkered Yoshi = Lakitu

US Flag Yoshi = Mark (US Mario)

Canada Flag Yoshi = Maryoh (Canadian Mario)

Mexico Flag Yoshi = Miguel (Mexican Mario)

UK Flag Yoshi = Maddock (Welsh Mario)

Japan Flag Yoshi = Minoru (Japanese Mario)

China Flag Yoshi = Mario-chan (Chinese Mario)

France Flag Yoshi = Mandeville (French Mario)

Hawaii Flag Yoshi = Maleko (Hawaiian Mario)

Ireland Flag Yoshi = Malone (Irish Mario)