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Yoshipedia:Blog archives/Random yoshi 777/QR codes for Mario Tennis Open

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Important AND last update: all the QR codes have been found!!! I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the effort: Mario Party Legacy, Facebook, Mario Tennis Open's website, and all commentors to this post.look at the bottom of this post and scan the qr code with a regular QR scaner for a surprise!!!

Hello Yoshi and other creatures I'm not being biased, if you own Mario Tennis Open, did you know that you can get special characters and a yoshi suit by scanning special QR codes? To use them, go to the file select sceen and press START and up at the same. This will bring up a QR code scanner. Then, scan one of the QR codes for the game and you will get what you scanned as a gift for all of your files. They are region locked, so you can only use the QR code for your region; North America, Japan, Europe, or Austrila. Some codes have not been reveiled yet, so I will update this post when they come. You can help by telling me in the comment if you've found a code I haven't.

Mtometalmario4.pngQrblueyoshi.pngMtoredyoshi2.pngMtoyellowyoshi3.pngMtopinkyoshi2.pngMtocyanyoshi2.pngMtoblackyoshi2.pngMtowhiteyoshi2.pngQryoshicostume.png Yoshiwikiqr.png