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Yoshipedia either no longer supports this feature or has put it on hiatus. This page is kept and protected for historical purposes.

Welcome to a new edition of Fun Stuff. This page has entertainment for the visitors including videos, polls, music and more. A new volume come out sometimes. Special thanks to Conker's Bad Fur Day and BlueSeven123. This edition was written by AlicePia.

Yoshi Quiz

1. In what level of Super Mario World 2 goombas appear?

2. In Yoshi's Story, what is name of the spike-like boss?

3. What is the name of the first skin you get in Yoshi's Woolly World?

Finished? How'd you do? You can always check the answers at the bottom of this page.

Song of the Edition

This edition's featured song is a song featured in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Take a listen!  [[File:Main Theme (Yoshi's New Island) New Remix - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Soundtrack|thumb|161x161px]]



            Favorite Boss out of these three? 
            Burt The Bashful
            Raphael Raven
            Baby Bowser
            None of these.

Video of the Edition

This edition's video is all the bosses in Yoshi's Island:Super Mario Advance 3, please take a look!   [[File:Yoshi's Island - All Bosses (No Damage)|thumb|149x149px]]

Remix of the Edition

Check out this amazing 8-bit remix of the main theme of Yoshi's woolly world! [[File:Yoshi's Woolly World 8 Bit Remix|thumb|178x178px]]

Answers To Yoshi Quiz


Don Bongo

Flower Yoshi