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Userboxes are fun things that you can put on your user page to add that final touch! They can be added to your userpage by adding this code:

{{Name of userbox template}}
{{Any other user boxes can be added, too}}

Please note that the | is a divider, not an L or an i.

List of public userboxes

Userboxes's userbox collection of Yoshitude!
Yoshi-mario-golf-toadstool-tour.gif This user thinks that Yoshis are the cutest things ever!
Userbox template: CuteYoshi

YoshiYellow-CSS2-MSS.png This user is a fan of the Yoshi Contest!
Userbox template: YoshiContestFan

Yoshi gif 4 by FUND The Hunter.gif This user is a huge fan of Boos!
Userbox template: BooFan

Title Screen - NA and Europe - Yoshi's Story.png This user is a Yoshi's Story player.
Userbox template: Yoshi'sStoryPlayer

200px-Yoshi Series Logo.png This user owns more than one game in the Yoshi series.
Userbox template: MultipleGames

YoshiTouchGo.jpg This user owns Yoshi Touch & Go!!!
Userbox template: YoshiTouch&Go

Dash Pepper.jpg If you are looking at this userbox on Monday, June 5, 2023, then click here to buy a real life Dash Pepper!
Userbox template: DashPepper